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What happens after the closure of Tegel Airport?

The former Berlin-Tegel Airport is making room for Berlin. On its 500-hectar grounds, Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic, a research and industrial park for urban technologies, Schumacher Quartier, a new residential district, as well as a 200-hectare landscape zone will be developed

In the Urban Tech Republic as many as 1,000 large and small businesses with 20,000 employees will work in research, development, and production. And more than 2,500 students will move into the former terminal building along with the prestigious Beuth University. In total around 5,000 students will populate the Berlin TXL campus. Berlin TXL will focus on what keeps the 21st century’s growing major cities alive: the efficient use of energy, sustainable construction, eco-friendly mobility, recycling, networked control of systems, clean water, and application of new materials. Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic is a unique initiative in Europe at the present time, if not in the whole world.

These new blueprints for future city living will become available in the neighboring areas from now on: In Schumacher Quartier there will be upwards of 5,000 homes for more than 10,000 people in a vibrant urban district with daycare centers, schools and shopping facilities. Here forward-thinking solutions are explored for providing climate-neutral energy and high standards of energy as well as new models for mobility. Technologies will be researched and developed right next door – in the Urban Tech Republic. A further 4,000 homes are planned for the neighboring districts of Cité Pasteur and TXL Nord.